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The arrival of a baby, apart from the joy it supposes, is a source of restlessness: even more so if it is the first. "What would I be thinking about?" Or "Am I going to be a good father or a good mother?" Are questions that assail the head of whoever is in that position.


However babies, with everything they carry, which is a lot, are not beings as fragile as it may seem at first glance, and following a few guidelines, their care does not become an odyssey. We are going to give a few guidelines, among the many that are, to contribute to this trip.



Some General Tips


One of the things that seems most important, and is normal for being a newborn, is the umbilical cord cure; There is no magic formula for this cure, and in fact it may do so without any special care: what should be taken into account is that in no case should a solution be used with iodine, and if the baby has pus in that area, take it to the pediatrician.


Another doubts that assault dads and moms is the subject of the baths; It is advisable not to bathe them every day, but every two or even three days, to prevent them from drying out their skin, and because of this, infections could appear. The water temperature should be about 36 Celsius degrees, and still, they should be bathed in a place where they can not catch cold. If the baby arrives in winter, using the same delicacy, the process should be even faster.


water from the shower


Important: Do not use talcum powder during bathing to avoid accidental inhalation.


And, what do we do with clothes? To begin with, to shelter it well, due to the temperature change that means leaving the maternal womb to the outside world. It is also not a question of the newborns passing excessive heat, so, if they are in a comfortable environment, we can shelter a little less. If we are in doubt about whether they can be hot or cold, by placing a hand on the area of ​​the neck or the shoulder blades we will see if we should remove or put extra clothes.



More specific recommendations


Doubts can also be made with:


    . Nails: they can be cut when they grow, simply using a round-tipped scissors, and to avoid problems, wait for the baby to fall asleep!

       . The thugs: they have to be cleaned with a gauze (only one use) and a little serum.


    . Ear wax: important: never use the typical rods that adults use, and wipe only the wax that is visible, because the one near the ear can protect them from infections.


    . The mucus: if due to them, the babyhave problems in breathing, to encourage the mucus to become less thick and leave, we can use a small amount of physiological serum.


newborn baby sleeping placidly


And as a colophon ....


Other cares we should have with newborns:


  • After feeding them and putting them to sleep, you have to place them face up, for two reasons: the typical gas after the meal will not be so annoying for them, and most important, the risk of sudden death is largely avoided. This last point is transcendental, since, until recently, the belief was just the opposite. Recent studies have changed this point of view. For more information you can consult this link: https://www.unicef.org/argentina/spanish/Folleto_MS.pdf


  • Diapers need to be changed frequently to avoid irritation


  • To avoid allergies, when washing clothes you have to rinse thoroughly without using fabric softeners. All clothing worn by the baby, as well as the clothes that come into contact with him (the clothes in his crib, or in the bed of his mother and father, if that is the case) should be washed separately from the rest the family’s clothes.


  • And to finish, something of more psychological profile: the way the baby calls or claims is crying; As soon as we hear it, we must attend to it; With this we are not spoiling, but we make them understand that we are there for them and they can trust us.

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