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Between 2 and 3 years old, as a general rule, babies start eating almost all kinds of food. It is also when they usually make four menus a day, the four classics: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, adapting to the schemes of their parents.

In these four meals, it is very important that they follow a pattern of distribution of calories, since they are in the moment of acquiring the routines that will serve for them, when they grow, to lead a life as healthy as possible, and you know:  the sooner they get good habits, the better.

The caloric contribution recommended by the organizations dedicated to children, when it comes to babies from 2 to 3 years, is the following (these are percentages established as average, depending on each baby may vary, it is advisable to consult each case with a professional) :


                   25% during breakfast

                   30% during lunch

                   15% during the snack

                   30% during dinner

                  pap and puree

To the traditional baby food and small pieces of fruit, pieces of meat and the vegetables are added to their diet. It is at this time when they begin to be able to chew and bite, something they must learn to do well because of the good habits we discussed before. Other basic foodstuffs, taken in its proper measure and adapted to their circumstances, are cereals, legumes, eggs, fish, or milk and their derivatives


There are a number of patterns that must be followed to ensure good nutrition for our babies, and do not exclude the indicated above:

  . To drink half a liter of milk a day

  . To make a complete breakfast, with milk, bread and fruit (still, as they say, is the most important meal of the day).


             fruits for breakfast


    . Avoiding sugars and fats, in preventing childhood obesity


     . Avoid nuts until at least three years of age. This is a recommendation from AESAN (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition), for the risk of babies being allergic to this type of food.

     . And last but not least: we must do our best to avoid that babies prefer some foods over others; This is very easy to say but very difficult to do, because it is a matter of taste, but it is important that they try a little of everything they can eat and do not obsess with what they like the most.

Some ideas to finish

Trying that babies adopt good habits, a good idea would be to make a weekly menu, with what they should eat every day and every moment of the day. This menu, however, should be a guide, nor should it be strictly adhered to; but it is a good start to acquiring healthy routines.

Parents should also practice what they preach: if we want our babies to eat healthy, we have to eat on the same terms as them. If for example we avoid giving fried food to babies or put salt in their food, they should see that parents are not an exception and follow the same health habits.

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