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The reason for the serigraphy:

The reason for the serigraphy:

Silk-screen is a craft process, thanks to which you can print on virtually any medium you can imagine; From clothes to paper, through breakfast cups or a skateboard, just to give a few examples.


Its way of working, although not complicated in excess, is quite laborious, that is why it is still considered as artisanal, although today machines are used for the process.


The process


  Although the process is similar in all medium, we will focus on stamping on clothing; Everything is based on transferring the printing ink through a tight mesh. Originally silk was the used material, hence its name, but because it is a material that is easily loosened by the action of moisture, what is commonly used is polyester or nylon. A frame, usually made of wood, is used to tighten the mesh.


Then there are the photolites, which are the photographic clichés to which the original designs are adapted to be stamped, and which are you put in the screen created by the tensioned mesh and frame. They are the transparent support that is used for the printing and you can find easily in any store of computer products.


A key element is missing to square the equation: thanks to a kind of varnish, those areas where the ink should not pass are blocked (leaving unlocked the area where the ink must complete the design, taking into account that for each color used a different print screen is required). This is the complete process by which Garabatus clothes are stamped.






What does silk-screen printing offer us with respect to other, also valid techniques?


       1. By having to work each color individually, direct colors can be stamped; Not being optical mixtures, the color will be more faithful to the reality, to what we had thought to shape.

       2. The print screens are prepared to last a long time; This is especially important in the case of textiles (in a cup, for example, if the print is well made, it will last you until it breaks), although it will always necessary to wash, dry and iron the clothes properly to lengthen effectively its use.


We Advice


       3.  Although the mesh, over the years, will also be unstressed, you can take advantage of it to make many impressions; If you have a business, once you have paid the printing screens (at the time of making them), your only cost will be the repetitions in the print (money if you order them, time if you do them yourself), So you will soon pay them off. But remember: a new design will always attract more attention than another already known!



For all this, and above all, for what it still retains of craftsmanship, is why in Garabatus we have opted for this printing technique.

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