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There once was a baby who was afraid; eventually he got over it, but worst of all he wasn’t having enough means to express what he felt; the best thing: he had some people of confidence who, when they were babies, went through the same thing, and although they did not always know why the child cried or shuddered, they accompanied him and hugged him until the fears vanished.

You guessed it: the protective angels are the fathers and mothers who watch over the safety of their babies. And that despite the fact that during the first month of life, fear has little to do with what will come later; rather, at such an early age, the baby does not recognize the person who is saving him from his fears, but little by little he will acquire this knowledge, at the same time that new fears will be crossing the horizon.

The first thing is things, not people

And is that the fear of people, always under normal circumstances, does not appear until a few months later; thus, babies may fear sensory stimuli that, while novel, are bearers of a certain abruptness: this manifests itself, as is evident, through the different senses. For example, lights with excessive intensity, the noise of the washing machine or any appliance that caught them off guard, the face or the unpleasant touch of a doll or toy, or a simple pothole not seen in time when they go down the street in the stroller (and also any noise in open spaces such as car engines, shouting, etc.).

fear clown doll

The reaction of babies can be very varied, from crying to just start to shake. It is obvious that the only way to calm down is to hold them in their arms, because even if they don’t yet "recognize" mom or dad, they will soon become aware of who calms them and saves them from those fears that should not be disparaged as irrational .

But when they already know who is there to take care of them, new fears arise, towards the six months of life, if not before; and they are very related to each other. One is the fear of strangers, especially those who, despite their goodwill, show an invasive attitude towards the baby

Strange people ... and not so much

The other fear is to separate from dad or mom; It is very logical that now that they recognize them and know they are there for them, fear that they disappear from your field of vision or that they are only a few seconds can appear. It is logical as we say, but it does not happen to all babies, as there are also many cases of children who smile at everyone and who are not afraid to see unknown faces.

a woman ready to frighten babies

Therefore, as is the most normal, you should not worry. The baby is fulfilling vital stages and the one of concrete fears is just another one of them. Regarding these two fears, which may seem different but which go in parallel, babies will learn in due time that, on the one hand, parents, despite being the most important figures in this stage of their lives, are not the only people in the world who can make them happy or keep them safe, and on the other hand, that the fact of losing sight of a moment dad or mom does not mean they will not come back.

Of the attitude of parents, then, will depend to a large extent on how babies will overcome their fears. And is that, from 2 years, there will be fear of the dark, which many people continue to carry in their adult years ... Therefore, you should never belittle the fears that babies have, because the more we help them overcome their fears, before they will see that everything has an explanation.

And your baby, how does he/she react to the unknown?

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