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Today we have a very special guest post for you. If we want to talk about yoga and babies, what better than a specialist in the field, Eva Romo. Without further preamble, we leave you with her. Enjoy (and above all, learn!)

“My own experience whispers me that connecting with oneself is vital, looking inside, accepting what is ours, what does not belong to us, being at peace with whatever we experience ... from that place you can offer the best version of you to the world.

I am Eva, a woman, a Yoga teacher and mother of 2 girls and a boy.

If the pregnancy is already a stage of a thousand changes on a physical, emotional and mental level, in which everything is new, you are only one, you should not think more than take care of yourself so that these care are transferred to the baby. When the birth arrives, the baby, the poster of mother and everything seems to revolve around that small miracle; a woman must be aware that she must continue looking for that space to sit, breathe, attend, and listen to everything that goes through her mind during the forgotten and not least "fourth quarter".

pregnant woman practising yoga

Essential moment of relaxation and breathing

One way to do it without separating from the baby and exercise mind, body and spirit while reinforcing the bond with your child, is to attend Yoga classes with baby.

Women need to create "tribe" with more women and at the birth of your baby much more. You feel many emotions, doubts, fears that sharing them can prevent them from becoming anguish, help other mothers and make this new stage wonderful, while complications only make you grow as a person.

That is one of the intentions of Yoga with baby classes, work the body so that everything goes back to the place it used to be; be aware that now you have a little person that requires a lot of attention, but you must attend to you to be able to take better care of her.

During the classes they exercise their body, mobilize the hip, a very important area during pregnancy and childbirth, stretch the spine and relax and adjust bad postures that the body adopts when you breastfeed or bottle quite often. The babies in turn share glances, laughter and caresses with their mothers and with the rest of the babies that attend the class and perceive the feeling of peace that their mother has by allowing herself for an hour, breathing, connecting with herself, and observing how is your body to know what you need. If you take care of yourself, you will take better care ... that would be essentially what we try to convey in the Yoga sessions with baby.

a session of Yoga with babies

A magic moment captured during a Yoga session

A group of women who have just become mothers create a magical bond between them and their babies; Yoga shows them that they are still people who must listen, accept and understand the changes that pregnancy has caused them and enjoy their baby while they take care of them too.”

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