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It has always been said that swimming is the most complete sport that exists; we talk about its benefits for the back, muscles in general, and even its "magical" properties against stress. But it is not so much talked about how good this discipline is for babies: although it is impossible for them to learn to swim until they are between 3 and 4 years old, they can embark on what has been called "matro-swimming" or what which is the same, the aquatic activity that babies can perform in a pool before having the ability to swim.

It is the most familiar environment

Babies feel like fish in water (in water) :) Is the medium to which they are more accustomed, because they enjoy it in the womb. After four months of life, when the risks of colds and otitis greatly diminish, it is when they can begin to practice this discipline. In addition, it is a perfect way to strengthen ties with both parents, and to take them even more confidence, being the direct responsible for their care in the water.

head of man emerging in a swimming pool

Always consult a pediatrician in advance, who can corroborate that there is no risk of infections, or that these are minimal. This at the medical level; It is also necessary to confirm with those responsible for the pool that the water temperature is adequate (around 32ºC), and that the chlorine levels are not above normal. Although it is assumed that the pool is prepared for these activities and its tiny tenants, we lose nothing in asking. As a last precaution, the most obvious one is that if the pool is outdoors, we must put the corresponding sun protection on the baby.

All preparation is little to face these classes led by accredited monitors, which have a duration of between half an hour and 45 minutes, or, which is the same, the time that the baby will endure. Maybe in the first classes it may be more problematic, but as they get the taste, the class will be closer to the hour of time than to 30 minutes.

Fun, health and multiple benefits

But soon they will overcome the first problems, when they see that they can play with balls adapted to their age. In addition, it is common to use music with which the baby will relax and feel stimulated.

a mum with her baby practicing matro-swimming

And thanks to this practice, they will obtain numerous benefits: for example, besides having fun, your baby will gain in coordination and perception, soon acquiring confidence in themselves and in others; not only in their parents, but in all the people around, whom they will see as "helpers". Related to this, they will acquire social benefits, by interacting with more people, in which they can also trust

But the benefits do not end here; when treating the aquatic environment of one of the most demanding, the baby will certainly strengthen their lungs, and also, in a short period of time, they will learn to hold their breath under water. And last but not least, your baby will enjoy a better mood, will sleep better and will have a more awake appetite. Can you ask for more?

And you, have you thought about taking your baby to matro-swimming classes?

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