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Last week the media echoed a rather unpleasant fact, which occurred in France: the slap of a priest to a baby who can not contain the cry on the day of his baptism. The baby cries inconsolably while the priest tries to calm him, but eventually loses patience and gives him a slap. The baby, as is easy to imagine, continues crying, even more strongly. Fortunately, he was in the arms of his mother from the beginning, and finally the father (both totally perplexed at this unfortunate situation) manages to snatch it from the priest, who had it by his face, as seen in the video, of very bad ways, after shaking him.

It is not about stigmatizing any sector of society, because, unfortunately, images like this one occur much more often than we could wish, and not only in churches or religious acts, but in many other areas; but this event is reportable for several reasons:

1) the aggressor does not understand that he is nobody to slap a baby, which is not his, and that there are other ways to try to calm a crying little child.

   2) he does not seem to be aware that the baby, despite the presence of his parents, is very far from his comfort zone, this is, from the common places that they are known to him. He is in a huge place, full of people with whom he may have had contact more than once, but who in the end remain strangers.

    3) He is also the center of attention, and although he can not understand what is happening, he is unwittingly exposed to the "media spotlights" of an act such as baptism, and he must surely feel like an involuntary protagonist (that's why he's crying , it’s normal).

     4) The lack of empathy of this person is frightening: perhaps the baby calms down after a while acclimating to the context to which he is exposed, which, trying to accelerate the process by a slap is obviously not the best solution. And that's what his parents are for, to make him feel the heat that evidently the baby won’t get through a third party.

father kissing his baby

The attitude of the parents is unquestionable: to the stupor provoked by the reaction of the priest, the respect that they should undoubtedly feel for the place of religious cult in which they meet and for the age of the chaplain is united. Even so, and after seeing the shakes to which this ecclesiastic subjects the baby, they react firmly and manage to snatch it a few moments later.

In other circumstances, such an event could raise some questions, such as if it really has any benefit to give a small slap to a baby (or a small child) to try to calm down (honestly, in Garabatus we think not). But, when it comes to a person totally alien to the baby, who does not calibrate the consequences of his act, and in a place that is supposed to be a haven of peace, this question is totally meaningless.

In conclusion: this act could have been committed by a person from any other sector, but it does not stop being denounced that who is supposed to preach a word of love and generosity, can take "justice", unfortunately and never better said, by his hand.

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