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Entertain your baby during the hours you spend traveling by car (or train)

Entertain your baby during the hours you spend traveling by car (or train)

When planning a trip, you have to take into account many things, from the accommodation in destination to the contents of the suitcases; If the trip is by car, it will be necessary to provide it with fuel (or electricity), calculate the cost on motorways, etc. But, alas, if a baby travels on board ... it can be quite an odyssey!

While not all babies react the same, some will not cause any kind of problem; there will be those who take advantage of the trip and the movement to sleep, something they will do in an easier way than if they are completely still, and the most curious will enjoy everything around, contemplating new "landscapes" and from other perspectives, within some limitations, of course. Although, inevitably, they will be sitting in a small chair and properly held for safety, which will limit their movements, and if the trip is especially long, they will surely make you notice :)

Have fun with your baby: that's the key

There is a double goal here; on the first hand, to make the trip not difficult for them; and on the other, that they also have fun (with this the first goal will be achieved: the trip will be lighter). There is also the issue of stops along the way; if it is normal for adults to take a break every two hours, for babies it may not be enough; then it will be necessary to "stop" more often.

And if they endure two hours before stopping, we must take advantage of those moments to take it easy; if it’s his/her time to eat, remove him/her from the car and take your time. But also, it's time to “stretch the legs”; If he/she is still too small to walk alone, help him/her to take steps to move and get back in touch with what he/she is familiar with, that is, with the movement of the body; If you have an older baby, look for an area where he/she can run around a bit without danger, and if you carry a ball in the car, it's also a good time to kick and have fun.

little baby playing with a ball

But of course, what’s inside the car? The ideal is that you are at least two people traveling with the baby, one that drives (or do it in turns) and another to be aware of the child; because they can be patient and be distracted by anything, but they will need your attention to make the trip more bearable.

For example, you can sing children’s tunes to the baby or tunes that they are fashionable (or not) and you know that he/she will like, besides talking to him/her constantly; and if he/she already speaks or you already know how to make yourself understood, you can play the riddles, although these should be simple, and limit them, for example, to objects that are inside the car or that they can easily see through the window. Also, if you have thought about it in advance and there is someone else to take care of driving at that moment, you can read a story or even invent a funny story that makes them laugh. And if you have had time to prepare it a bit, you can even use some "props" to give a more special touch to your interpretation.

I've tried everything, but it's still an odyssey

If a drama is staged every time you ride in a car - and now I'm not talking about the story you're telling it to entertain them :) - it's worth it, although it's also a risk, try another ways of transport, such as the train; as long as the journey is long enough to be worth trying (we are not talking about a commuter trip, of course).

A view of a railway

In a train, besides playing with him / her and entertaining them in a thousand ways, they will have the opportunity to interact with other people, also with babies. Seeing new faces is always a stimulus to their curiosity. And also, you don’t need the train to stop so that your baby can take a few steps and walk a section of the car, or visit the next.

Also, surely they will feel more comfortable in a transport with more space, where they won’’t feel trapped, and where they can go in the arms of their father or mother. And as a climax, in a train they will hear new sounds (whistles, megaphones, canned music announcing the arrival at a station) and they will see the little lights of the screens, something that as a whole, will surely awaken their curiosity.

What do you think? Do you see yourself reflected in these situations, or do you have any other advice that works? You know, we're waiting for you in the comments!

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