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After the previous considerations to prepare a gift that we presented in the previous post (click here to consult), today we bring you 6 original ideas for when it's time to congratulate a newborn. Some are practical, others simply emotional, but all, if you know well the receivers, (even for the baby, these first gifts will be "administered" by the parents) can lead to the perfect gift; in some cases, they will be so specific gifts that they will not be valid for all, even so, we want to show you several options. Without further delay, let's go for it!

1) Stacking pieces games:

While the idea itself is not too original, there are many and varied games in this category, it's just about finding one that combines imagination with fun and learning, and that allows dad and mom to interact with the baby. For example, stacking pieces according to their size (from larger to smaller), or by colors, will allow, in addition to entertaining, begin to establish relationships (space, color ...). A very fun variant, and that more than stack, is to fit, are those games where the pieces, in the form of a silhouette, should be introduced, according to its shape, by its corresponding hole, and to help in the mission, the baby will have a plastic hammer that will make him/her have a great time; And also, they will begin to calibrate its strength!


 2) Anti-noise headphones:

As is known, the ears are one of the organs that most need to be protected in babies; they need time to develop, and they can easily be exposed to excessive noise, both when they go out and inside the house (it will also depend on the specific home). Works, dump trucks, cars with music at full speed, neighbors who heroically do not throw the house down slamming doors every time they enter and leave, etc. With practical anti-noise headphones, this problem can be minimized; it is not about isolating the baby in a bubble, but in situations that can be foreseen (another example: that mom or dad have a music group and can not rehearse more than at home, or that there is a tradition in the family of going to outdoor music festivals, and you want to take the baby, so that he/she starts to enter the environment), it is a very practical gift. And besides, you'll see how nobody else has thought about it! :) It is important to note that these headphones are for babies from 6 months.

  3) Saddle for the bicycle:

if parents like to cycle around the city, one way they can continue to do so even if it is not so often, is to give a baby car seat; In this way, apart from the fact of minimizing the vital changes that the arrival of a baby implies, they begin to instruct them in a healthy life. There are many variety of chairs in the market, and they are increasingly safe. Obviously, we will have to wait a few months until we can get the baby on a bicycle. And of course, be very careful circulating; but it is a nice gift that surely will not occur to many people

saddle to bring the baby in a bycicle

And now we go with three gifts, let's say, more emotional than practical ... Well, they do not have anything practical, but surely they will enchant the parents!

 4) Photo session:

Another alternative to giving away diapers or clothes, is to give a voucher for a baby photoshoot; session in which you can also include the daddies, so that you have immortalized forever the memory of the first days of life of the newborn. For a price not too high, you can get a professional session with high quality photographs, from which you can extract copies for later, as an example, send Christmas greetings to family, friends, etc.

  5) Footprint or handprint:

A different way of leaving a memory of the most tender childhood for posterity; that the baby stamps his hand, or his foot, or both on clay, and everything is in a wooden frame along with a couple of photographs. The only problem is that it is a gift that loses the surprise effect, since the baby, presumably, will leave its tracks in the presence of their parents, but if you make friends with grandparents, aunt or uncle one day they are babysitting , the surprise effect will multiply exponentially ... In addition, it is a gift that, although it does not have a recognized utility, will show on the part of whoever does it that there is a special affection towards that family.


  6) Record a personalized lullaby:

If in this case, you are the one who wants to leave a mark, and you have artistic skills, what better than to take a guitar or a piano (or a xylophone, which for that matter may be the most appropriate) and compose a little lullaby with the name of the baby and a nice handwriting that makes dad and mom crying? If you are a musician, you will have it much easier, as long as you are inspired enough; if not, you can resort to the help of professionals, but if you have a minimum grace singing and you are good at writing, the more you put from you, the more your gift will be appreciated and it will be something more personal, that after all is what we want, right?


Do you have any other idea that you want to share? Leave us a comment!

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