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Are you tired of always giving the same away? Are there many parents in your environment about to have a baby, and you run out of ideas? What a coincidence that everyone thinks to have offspring almost at the same time, huh? Or that in the same year you go to meet 4 or 5 newborn. And there comes a time when saturation becomes evident, and if you really want to give something away because you feel it and not because of commitment, it is difficult to hit the spot.

But ... where do I start?

There is a basic premise in every gift, even if  it is for a baby, a child or an adult person; Beyond the fact that the receiver may like it, the gift has to convince the buyer first; whether for aesthetics, utility and originality, part of the success of a gift is that we are happy with what we buy and / or prepare.

Taking this into account, other factors intervene: the proximity to the newborn person, and the available budget. It is evident that we will take it with more affection if the receiver of the gift is a nephew than the baby of a co-worker, for example, although everything will depend on the personal affinity in each case. And as for money, if we have a limited budget, we will have to make use of imagination, but if we go overboard, we run the risk of making an unnecessary gift and showing a significant gap in terms of ideas. And then, of course, the middle term: a gift neither expensive nor cheap with which to get out of the way. But that's not what we want, is it?

detail of a wrapped gift

Many times you think you have to give away something practical, but this does not have to be at odds with originality. Practical is to give clothes, diapers, but of course, it is not original. In addition, as for clothes, and especially if we make the gift late, the baby will surely be covered long before we think of making a present - by inheritance, by family foresight, etc. -.

What if I make the wrong decision?

The same goes for toys: stuffed toys, puzzles, colorful pieces are elements that babies usually like, but if we use that ace in the sleeve we run the risk of filling the newborn's house with repetitive elements that will saturate it, not to mention what dad and mom think of so many entanglements together. While construction games are useful and fun (and in the second installment of this post we will return to quote), we must try to find, within this sector, a game that really makes it different from others. With clothes, obviously, there are also exceptions, because you can find in the market t-shirts or very original bodies, with messages and funny illustrations that educate at the same time, and with striking colors that make this a good choice. Here it is our example :)

There is a differentiating element, and that is that things that we can all imagine a priori to make a gift, at least without deepening too much, are those in which the parents will have also thought, the most basic things, since materially they don’t have time to think about something more original, especially when the baby is born.

baby with a hat that covers even his eyes

Therefore, and despite all our goodwill, we can "make mistakes" if we do not make an effort to find something that breaks with the established; although sin of excessively original can also "induce" us to error, we must ask ourselves if what we are going to buy seems the best option. If the answer is affirmative, regardless of the profit that is taken from the gift, we will be on the right track.

Surprise, in good taste, is very important; sometimes a present that is not seen in principle very useful (meaning useful everything that can be given more than one use and this is prolonged with more or less expansion over time), can start a smile by their differential condition, making those people who just brought a baby to the world feel special, and also making them feel that their baby is.

In a next post we will give some ideas of original, practical or useful gifts that are not usually done, by fear of not liking or lack of experimental motivation. Have you ever found yourself in the position of not knowing what to give away?

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