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As in any life situation, we can not generalize; but if we talk about babies, trying to make specific is very difficult. And the moment they start talking is not the exception.

Parents always appreciate the progress of their children and are eager for their new "update", and it is normal, but in no case, and less in the subject at hand, should the baby be pressured, as it should continue its rhythms.

The baby and the origin of his/her communications

We are not born taught and that will not change in the near future; However, when we are babies we quickly learn to communicate, and obviously it is not with words. Our first means to make ourselves heard is crying, and here comes one of the first lessons: the baby quickly realizes that, when he cries, dad or mom come quickly to see what happens; With this, she will cry whenever she needs to let us know something. They try to express what they still can not do with words.

Later, near their first birthday, they begin to say their first words; words that they learned much earlier, by dint of hearing them, of being repeated by the people around them. And between the year and a half and two years of life, they already say their first sentences, which evidently are little elaborated, but that little by little we understand. In some cases, few, some babies will launch "talking" before, but in others their rhythm will be slower, which is not bad or weird: simply do not be obsessed.

A face of a little baby looking at the camera

It can be the case of babies who take longer than stipulated as normal to speak, and yet, when they start doing it and take a run, there will be no stopping them. Therefore, it is very important that parents don’t become obsessed with this issue, and only show some concern when they see real signs that make them assume there is a problem (when baby have hearing problems, for example).

They will appreciate this help

In any case, there are many ways for parents to stimulate their babies' speech:

The first thing is to address to them by name, so they will feel more comfortable and surely pay more attention; Obviously if we use a diminutive or we have some affectionate nickname, the three can be combined. But it is also important that they feel that we are attentive to them, therefore, we must talk to them face to face, so that they notice that we take that "conversation" with due interest; and perhaps what will give them the most value: we should never correct their mistakes, because if we have understood them, they will have time to correct their diction and learn the words as they are, and if we do not know what they have told us, obviously we can not pretend that they have done wrong. A good way to teach them to say things well is to respond to what they have said with the right words (when they are already making sentences), but never to tell them that they have said it badly. For example, if they say: "Clown TV laugh" (with their own and particular pronunciation) because they are watching a clown show on TV, we will know exactly what they are referring to, with which we can answer that "yes, the clown on the TV makes people laugh! ". In this way we do not make them feel that they have made a mistake (because they have not done it, they are simply learning to speak) and at the same time they are taking note of how the sentences are elaborated in a complete way.

Mother tying shoes to her little baby

We must also think that any situation is good to start a small conversation with the baby, from the time of the meal to the bathroom, through dressing and changing diapers.

And you also have to know how to capture when they want to learn something: for example if a baby is leafing through a picture book and fixes a lot on a drawing, and later looks at us, he/she is "crying out" to be told what he/she is looking at , what are those objects called (trees, fruits, animals, etc.) that begin to be part of their world.

As you can see, there are many ways to stimulate babies' speech without making them stressed. Would you like to tell us your formulas?

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