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As many of you already have noticed, in its first months of life the baby spends two thirds of the day sleeping (between 16 and 17 hours), but does not sleep of a roll, either day or night; among other reasons, because they must be fed constantly. So that, although they continue in their placid dream, they must be awakened. The complicated thing may be to go back to sleep later!

Gradually, and as they grow, especially after the third month, they begin to sleep more at night and less for the day. And little by little they are going to spend more time awake. It is not a matter of putting a comparative table here, because each baby follows its rhythm, but the acquisition of more "normal" sleep habits is progressive.

Do you want to sleep more at night?

Little by little, babies and their needs are known; and until they grow enough to not have to  be fed during the night, or not as often as in their first months, you have to be patient. However, there are some habits that can facilitate the rest of dad and mom (which will come favored by baby's rest).

For example, we must take the habit of taking them to sleep every night at the same time, which will change as the baby grows. It does not have to be an exact time, because there are other factors that can be more important without being so strict: you have to wait for the propitious moment, that in which the baby begins to give symptoms of being tired, with sleep. It is useless to put them  to sleep at a specific time if at that precise moment they are more active.

little baby crawling and playing in his room

Neither do we have to wait for them to fall asleep to take them to the crib; suffice it to show signs of fatigue to see what is the ideal time for the end of the day (until they have to eat, of course!). And it can also help that we explain a story or sing  to them. In addition to rocking, if these acts are incorporated into the routine of each night, we will make it easy for them to fall down.

Surely, you will wake up during the night, maybe several times and for different reasons. If it is because they need to be fed, probably once they have satisfied its hunger, they will go back to sleep without major problems. In any case, and as happens to adults, they will wake up only a little, with what you have to avoid that they do it completely. For it:

  . They must be in a calm environment, with little light and no noise

  . The light should be dim, to help them identify where they are, but not to stay awake

A good night's sleep starts during the day

We have already seen what to do at night, but we may not be aware that the day begins in the morning .... As babies grow, they equates the hours of sleep between day and night, to gradually sleep less during the day and adapt to the usual, which is usually sleep at night. The fewer sleep hours they have in the morning or the afternoon, the more they will sleep at night, which will benefit the whole family. And there are some acts that facilitates this transition to a habit of normal sleep that will contribute to the baby is less irritated and restless, facilitating their nightly rest.

little baby sleeping in father's arm

For this, a good habit of meals, following an hourly schedule, will help to accustom their body, in a similar way to what is described above on the time to go to sleep at night. And on the siesta, as they grow up, they will only sleep once during the day, but if they sleep a couple of times, it is essential that they rest but they arrives sleepily at night, so that they can go back to sleep without major problems. If they only take a nap, ideally, it should be midmorning, or at the latest, right after eating. And in any case, it has to spend a minimum of four hours between their nap and the time they go to bed at night (when they grow older, this time will become longer).

Sleep detectors

When it is the ideal moment, beyond specific hours, to take a nap? Well when they get angry and cry for no reason, or make you notice that they don’t feel like they want to play. Conversely, if you want to put them to sleep without showing signs of sleep, without stopping moving, you will hardly fulfill your goal. And maybe it's time to eliminate one of the naps, because they are growing and they only need to sleep at night and a little at noon.

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