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Sport, in its proper measure and well applied, always brings an additional well-being to people. And in women who have just given birth, it is not an exception; although it is necessary to wait until the quarantine ends (that period of around 40 days, always depending on the physical state of each person) before starting to exercise, or to resume physical activity if it was previously done regularly, the practice of sport will make you feel in better shape and speed up your recovery.

Before the end of the quarantine, and provided that the discomfort has disappeared, it is advisable to go for a walk, calmly, for an approximate time of 30 minutes. This undoubtedly will help later, when it is already possible to raise the load of exercise in order to recover the weight before pregnancy and / or return to the sport routines prior to it.

Is there the ideal sport?

These routines have as main premise to do a good warm-up and previous stretches to avoid injuries, as well as to reinforce those muscles and joints that can suffer the most, such as lumbar and back, for example in those moments when you have your baby in arms.

mujer embarazada haciendo ejercicios

But what sports can be practiced? Is there any that can be called ideal? The answer to these questions is somewhat complex but simple at the same time:

      . You can do any sport, especially if you've already practiced before

      . The ideal sport is the one that you like, but some will give you more benefits

Deepening a little more, it is evident that you will need a prudential time, beyond the quarantine, to reinforce those areas of your body that are most resentful during pregnancy, with what you have to go little by little; but you will see how, sooner rather than later, you will be practicing at full performance the sports that you have always liked, or enjoying new physical activities that perhaps you had not even considered practicing before. Of course, to the minimum discomfort, it is better to stop and wait a reasonable time, until you are fully recovered (consult your specialist on any questions). And if before pregnancy you did not do any activity and you want to start now, keep in mind that the physical load should be less, not having the body getting used.

And answering the second question, and among other options, some of the best are (undoubtedly among the ideal to reduce stress):

      . Aquagym: direct heir of swimming; very complete sport that will relax you

     . Yoga: it helps you both physically and mentally, and allows you to control your breathing better

mujer practicando yoga en el mar

Do you want more benefits?

Try to avoid activities where you have to do jumps, exaggerated stretches or that can cause you sprains until you feel strong enough. And no less important: you must take a diet as balanced as possible, where there is no lack of calcium, vitamins and iron, in addition to drinking plenty of water; this is already preferential, but if you are also going to breastfeed your baby, your good hydrates takes on special relevance, because you will need to produce enough milk to feed him/her.

And starting from here, we can contrast other benefits that the sport will give you; since if you are a lactating mother, with the practice of sport you will recover much sooner. In addition, you will have a better calcification of the bones, reduce the levels of anxiety you may have, you will feel more vital and with a stronger immune system, and it is the best remedy for postpartum depression, if you have it!

And in addition, especially at the beginning, when you spend more time with your baby, it will be a way to entertain you and take advantage of time, and who knows, even you can encourage him/her and instill healthy habits to retain for life!

And how did you do after giving birth? Have you returned to sports regularly?

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