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"Art, glory, freedom wither, but nature always remains beautiful." This quote by the poet Lord Byron may seem a bit outdated, but if we adapt it to the times we live, it takes on special relevance; because nature always remains beautiful, but we must take care of it. And the best way to do that is by educating the children (since they are born) in respect and admiration for it.

There are many ways to show babies the kindness of nature, but undoubtedly the best is strictly live. And this is where the first and probably the most important step is taken: because if we want our children to respect the environment, we must start by respecting ourselves first. A baby, and as it grows, a child will find the most normal, for example, dirty a forest if their elders have previously done so. But we love nature and we will not let that happen, right?

Let's start with a park

A good way to instill a love of nature is to prepare an excursion; but not everyone lives near a forest, or the countryside, etc., and you have to do a previous journey, which in some cases will require taking a vehicle, but in other cases, especially if you want to promote healthy habits, it will consist of a previous walk (although the baby will not suffer, nor should suffer, the "rigors" of this physical exercise). In this first moment, it is already important to respect what surrounds us, because it is useless to love nature if we mess up its closest environment!

Always keep in mind that babies get tired very soon, especially when they are younger. For that reason, to begin with, take them to one of the parks of your city, where they can begin to see a certain diversity of trees and shrubs, with their shades of colors, etc. It is a good starting point. If the park consists of a small lake or reservoir where you can see little fishes, and is close to home, we will meet the first objectives in one go.

Later, although it is not a matter of delaying much, other types of excursions can be programmed: go to the mountain, visit the sea, all with your precautions of course as we explain in a previous post . But perhaps the best alternatives are excursions through the forest, half mountain and of course the farms.

field of tulips with little girls

Nature, for its diversity of colors, will undoubtedly call your baby's attention, but if you can see animals, beings that like them have the capacity to move, their hability for concentration and interest will be even greater. Little by little they will develop their tastes, and it will be easier to see where they will enjoy more.

Of ants and poppies

Knowing the environment in which one lives, interacts or the one that is being visited is the best way to love and respect it. The babies will develop habits of respect for the environment if they are instilled from early values ​​of love for nature, which inevitably go through a good use (infrastructure or natural elements per se) of the elder people.

Let know children, as they grow and understand, that plants and animals are living beings like us, and just as important is a cow that an ant, a tall tree or a poppy, will cause that over time they feel responsible in their measure of what surrounds them and act to protect it, and most importantly, not to harm it.

On the other hand, we do not want to miss the opportunity to recommend one of the most beautiful places in this time of year, the autumn, and that is none other than La Fageda d'en Jordà, near Olot in the region of La Garrotxa, Girona

detail of La Fageda d'en Jordà

Like this one, there are many others that can be used to instill in children the love and respect for nature.

Can you recommend other places that have inspired or liked to your baby? Leave us your comment!

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