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On the day of the first anniversary of a baby, the memories of a whole year crowd in the minds of the parents, with everything lived and the desires of what has to come. It is a perfect moment, in addition to being adequate, to celebrate it with the people closest to you in your circle; However, it is a party rather for mom and dad, because the baby, with a year of life, a little or nothing will remember. That's why, among other things, you can prepare a fun party without having to spent much money.

The first thing to keep in mind is that, no matter how excited the elderly are, what you should look for is baby's well-being: and this one, where it is better, is at home, surrounded by its core "family". In their first year, they have already had the opportunity to have contact several times with different people. It is to these that we must invite, not to those that only have seen them two times counted. This will make the baby feel more comfortable and protected, surrounded by the people who love him/her. You have to think that they will be the center of attention, and if they don’t feel comfortable, they will be overwhelmed quickly.

If you do not have enough space at home to make the party, you can do it at another relative's house, if you have the opportunity. You can also rent a party room, although it is not recommended, because the baby will not be in their habitat; of course, if the guests are close, it is not a bad option. And depending on what time of year the anniversary is, you can also celebrate it outdoors.

But making the celebration at home always allows you not to be subject to a rent for hours of a room party, with all the savings that implies, plus greater freedom of movement (less rigidity in the activities that you have proposed to carry out) during the party).

birthday presents

How do we prepare it?

To avoid problems, you must take into account the hours of nap or rest of the baby, and schedule the celebration for the moment they are awake. It's not about having a party that lasts all afternoon or all day, because if that tires the elder people, imagine a baby! Presumably, there will be more babies or toddlers at the party, who will also need their rest hours; Once you know who will come, it is advisable to know their sleep habits so, as far as possible, adapt the schedule of the birthday celebration to all those present.

Then there is the issue of food: what you have to keep in mind here is that they come to have fun and the children, above all, they come to play. You have to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen, and you can eat things without using silverware; If there is little room to move, having to use a knife and fork can be a nuisance. And as with sleeping hours, it is good to talk with parents of other babies beforehand in case there is any food to be ignored (as well as if some other assistant is allergic to any food, etc.). What never fails are sandwiches! To drink, water, milk and juices for the youngest can not be missed.

If it is necessary to use cutlery, you must be alert and have them checked at all times; if they fall to the ground, the first to see them will be the babies, who may be crawling in the area; with what is important not to lose sight of them. Balloons are also elements for discord; some babies will be scared if they explode, and others, just like with the cutlery, can see their chance to take something that is on the floor to the mouth, so you have to be very careful. Also, if there are stairs in the house, you have to block them to avoid accidents.

What you should not miss: Music and toys!

Music is a very important element in the development of a baby, as we saw in this other post about babies and music . Here will be an accompaniment to the evening, but as we probably all have a different preferences, we must put it at an adequate volume, which does not look like a disco. In addition, people are going to be talking and there will be noise by itself, so that the attention given will be scarce. It always looks good if there is some moment of silence (difficult to see); and can be used to emphasize the entry of the cake, for example.

birthday cake

The moment of the gifts will also be remembered more by parents than by babies, so whether it is your child or you are invited and want to make a gift to the homage, do not look for something very complicated or special. The baby will probably concentrate more in the box, in the bow and in the gift paper than in what is inside; in any case, giving them books for their age or objects that make noise and have lights will be a very good idea.

As we have said before, in this party there will be more babies and little children; it is necessary to have a place prepared so that they can play, with their corresponding toys.

And to you, that you are going to prepare the party and you deserve to enjoy it, order the "photo session" to someone you trust in the party and be happy, and above all, keep an eye on the baby, which is what he/she will most appreciate!

Tell us how was the last party you went to or organized for your baby!

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