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The role of a father in the growth of his baby is very important, much more than they can think at first. Of course, Dad has a handicap that makes him start at a disadvantage: the first link is with Mom, and this occurs long before birth. This can cause in him, especially after the arrival of the baby, a feeling of invisibility, of feeling displaced to one side. And, as concerns never come alone, you can begin to ask yourself if you will live up to your responsibilities.

Waiting for the moment (actively)

Nothing is further from reality. But there are many ways to make that feeling go away, and is taking an active part in baby's care. Obviously there are things that only a mother can do or know, but that does not mean that a parent should sit idly by, or wait for the baby to have a few months to start interacting.

In fact, the bond with Dad does not even come with birth, and in some cases it may take half a year. But it is normal, and will be corrected the more attention and care given to the baby.

on the beach

There are studies that show that the bond between Dad and baby will occur sooner, if you start talking already before birth; as well as if you are present at birth and is held immediately in daddy’s arms.

Key elements

But there are other keys that are as important or more and that will allow to accelerate the process:


        . Spend a lot of time, both on care and playing with the baby

        . Give all the love that a parent is able to give

        . Change some habits so that the two previous points can be fulfilled

        . Gain awareness of the responsibilities of parenting

There is something that many people do not know, but in many cases, the first word pronounced by a baby is "dad"; the reason is not known either, but like the first smile, it may be related to the games that are performed with the baby.

playing the plane in the swimming pool

While it is true that there are more and more parents who provide the essential care while babies are still very small, where they most enjoy interacting is in the game, and babies are attracted when Dad draws the "naughty" role to, for instance, take them in their arms and make them the plane.

This leads us to think that the bond is reinforced by physical contact, being with the baby, talking to him, having eye contact, from close up, seeing its reactions, etc. With a little creativity, parents will be able to reinforce that bond or make it appear faster.

Also by the skin-to-skin contact during bathing, it is possible to tighten loops; or feeding them when they are no longer breastfed: it is like an instinct for survival, they feel protected by who provides them with food.

And you, have you spent a lot of time trying to tighten bonds with you little baby?

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