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Many people think that, with the arrival of babies, leisure travel is over. After waiting all year long to take the holidays, and to escape in some enlarged weekends, a new member arrives to the family and it seems that all the fun, at least as far as freedom of travel, is finished.

Obviously, babies need special attention and many habits, activities, and travels need to be modified to suit what they need. But this is no reason to stop carrying a life as fun and enjoyable as possible; leaving home for a few days having babies is a new adventure, but not because of it you lose the desire to enjoy.

Do you know that they can go almost anywhere?

The main problem when traveling with babies is logistics; you have to prepare them with everything they’ll need, but taking into account that practically everything a baby needs, can be bought at the place of destination, or very close to it; so it is advisable not to carry excess baggage.

With the maximum precautions, you can take your baby to coast destinations, where the beach is the queen; avoiding the hours of greater exposure to the sun, and also making use of umbrella and sun protection, you will not have to give up this type of destinations. You can also travel with babies to rural environments, where in many cases there will be specific activities for them, and where, in addition to the sun protection cream, indispensable in summer anywhere, attention should be paid to anti-mosquito repellents (adapted to their age).

aerial view of a beach

Where it is advisable not to carry a baby is to high mountain destinations (thus considered from 900 meters above sea level), as sun exposure increases and this could affect babies who have not yet reached the year. If later  you want to have contact with higher heights, the beauty of these landscapes, etc., you must take into account altitude sickness and how it can affect the baby: this can be confirmed by your pediatrician, but it is already an issue that can affect babies or adults alike.

Some tips that will make your trip a more enjoyable one

Given the above, it is only necessary to say that you can also take your baby anywhere in the world, without limitations beyond traveling to safe countries and stand out for its good conditions and sanitary infrastructures.

Now, take it where you take it on your first trips, keep in mind the following recommendations:

. Try to travel in low season, or avoid the central summer months, Christmas, etc. Since they are not yet going to school, they depend exclusively on how you can manage it. September and October arise as the ideal months, because it isn’t already so hot, nor is it still too cold (it is advisable to check the weather conditions on the destination before traveling).

detail of an historic downtown of a city

. It is always good to prepare a travel plan and have some ideas of what to do there, but with babies, and with kids in general, you will always have to improvise, so it is best to have patience and adapt to each situation.

. Continuing with the previous point, do not prepare a loaded route of things to do or places to visit. If it is already tiring for an adult, imagine if there are babies in the "expedition". It is time to apply the maximum of "less is more", and to value quality over quantity.

. For babies to be less affected by the changes involved in a trip, try not to change their sleep and food hours. Perhaps it will not be possible to always comply with it, but the closer to their usual time that they can eat and sleep, the better the experience.

. Before making a long trip (a week for a baby can already be considered as such), it is advisable to try small weekend getaways to see how it adapts to different environments and changes of place. When it is time to leave for a longer time, they will already be accustomed to these changes and will enjoy the trip much more.

If you have any additional advice or want to tell your experience traveling with babies, we "hear" you!

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