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Babies, the more small, the more attention they require. And one of the main reasons is clear: they don’t want to get bored! Especially when they are at that age when, a priori, they can do almost nothing. However, there are different ways a baby can entertain himself, and as long as we do not interrupt its normal rhythm (if baby is quiet, at rest, "observing" what is around him, it is better not to force him) we can stimulate them in very different ways: one of them is the game.

Playing is how they best develop and begin to coordinate their movements, as well as being a great way to stimulate their imagination. Shapes, colors and textures unleash their fun, and with it, the learning process of the baby is also reinforced.

What a toy should have for a baby so small

It must be clear first that babies toys don’t have to be just objects that can be touched or caught; Until about two months of life, they will not be able to grab any toys, and a baby will want to start playing much sooner! Also, they should not be too large, so they can adapt to their hand if only to touch them. It is not necessary for a teddy bear, for example, to be as large as a baby; This can overwhelm them, in addition that could increase the risk of suffocation, with which also, it is essential not to leave any toy in the cradle when there is no older person present.

little baby playing and laughing

Also the variety and the sonority are concepts to which babies give priority: the more diversity of colors, etc. the easier their stimulation will be. And let's not say if their toy makes noise: they love to see that they are causing different sounds, and the higher the better. Something not shared by Mom and Dad, but baby loves it. And when they start they do not stop!

A "must" for babies

We are not going to discover anything new to you, but these toys are basic for babies from 0 to 3 months:

. Soft toys and dolls: lifelong classics and their first playmates.

    . Mobile cradle: not to be confused with technological gadgets! They can be for the cradle or for their playing area. If they contain any musical element, it will be much better! And with a suitable volume, they will have a good time, and we will avoid them being frightened.

  . Rattles: If they are very small and still can not catch them, you can try a wrist rattle, bracelet type. This is so simple they love it.

colored rattle

They will take profit of it

With the stimulation of play and activity, babies will reap many benefits:

  . They can develop the ability to speak before, because they are stimulating the senses.

  . It helps them to get hungry and to eat in the necessary quantities for their age.

  . They will be more predisposed to sleep when it is time,  cause they have been active.

  . And they will cry less, since they will be in a better mood.

And for your baby: what is its favorite toy?

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