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It is an evidence that music has a hold on people, which can remove emotions, too. Is another truth that classical Greece, and even the oldest Chinese discovered and implemented its benefits.

Music, we say, has a special power, and this is manifested in all of us before we are born. Babies perceive sound vibrations within a few weeks of gestation, and in mid-pregnancy are already able to hear maternal (including their voice) and environmental sounds, as the voice of the people around them. Already in the last stage of pregnancy, the baby is able to react to stimuli, and music has much to do in it.

Even though they are very young, babies are as excited as adults, and thanks to music, they enhance their sensitivity. If proper emotional bonds have been developed with parents, the music they listen to in family will give the baby an immense sense of well-being, recognizing it as an important part of the environment of love and caring around him.

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The perfect song

The perfect song, like everything perfect, does not exist or is difficult to define. It is important for the baby to have access to different tunes and songs, not to educate his ear only with lullabies. Classical music, by its structure, has an advantage to stimulate the baby, and there are studies that prove, for example, the benefits of babies who have access to Mozart's music (The Mozart Effect). In any case, it is advisable that the classic pieces will be of short duration and easy structure, to favor the attention of the little ones.

And if we choose songs with lyrics, these should be easy to understand; Also they help, for example, songs where animals are mentioned and where onomatopoeia abound.

What are the main benefits of music in babies?

  There are several, many, but we will summarize them basically in four:

       . Stimulates their emotional intelligence

       . It can change their mood; Music can brighten their day

       . It encourages babies to start speaking earlier and learn languages ​​more easily (it is important to listen to songs in different languages)

    . It is an indisputable therapy for disorders such as anxiety, autism or sleep disorders


How can we get them to apply these benefits? We have to make them understand that music and everything that relates to it (making them dance, clapping) is fun; Hold them and dance with them while we listen to a song or sing; And last but not least, to leave them free to experiment with sounds, even if they may cause a little noise, so that they are exposed and discovered on their own: being always there to pay attention to them and to make them feel valued in what they do, and allowing them to manipulate any non-dangerous object to unleash their imagination and find encouragement.

Are you using sounds and music to stimulate your little baby?

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