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Surely many times, in the day to day with your baby, you have laughed at one of his, a priori, innocent occurrences. Little gracious gestures together with the love you feel for him / her, have made you unable to prevent a smile from blooming on your face.

But it is that practically from the moment of birth, babies begin to make visible the traits that will gradually define their personality and character. Both will be defined in a high percentage by the environment in which they are: that is home. While it is true that the main link is created with mom, among other things because it begins before birth (for example, the baby can distinguish the voice of the mother before other sounds when still in his womb).

How to make them happy

Giving all the affection to a child from the beginning of life is basic to its development, but the personality ends up being forged based on learning and contact with different people: family, other babies, etc. The less time they take to socialize with other people, the sooner they will learn part of the values ​​we want to transmit.

baby laughing with mum

There are different ways to make a baby feel happy, under two main assumptions:

        . Do not invent anything spectacular, sometimes paying attention is enough, because no matter how much they cry, kick, etc. They are usually very grateful.

         . Anyone may be able to get it, it is not an exclusive task of the parents (the socialization we discussed above).

Things as simple as making the plane with them, tickling them, explaining a story or playing cuckoo (the fact of hiding our face in our hands to reappear a second later in the eyes of the baby is something that excites them) make them feel important and know that they are being looked after.

In bad times

On the other hand, something that can not be avoided is that the baby cries. There are several reasons that can cause this situation, but we will summarize them in these four:

           . hungry

           . Sleep / to be tired (and not get sleepy)

           . To change diapers is required

           . boredom

Although at first you will be plunged into the beautiful chaos of having a baby, you will soon discover why he/she cries every time; By frequency, by intensity, etc. You also have an advantage: the baby's memory is selective, and keeps the good. If you quickly respond to their request, you strive to solve your problem, the baby will instantly forget that he/she was hungry, or that he/she was wearing dirty diapers.

Are they grateful or not?

in the swing

And also the time will come when you should take them to the kindergarten, or have someone to stay for them because you have to go to work. Another pain in the neck of a baby's personality management, right? Although, above all, at the beginning, seeing them cry for it may seem harder for you, it is not to lose your temper and soon you will be accustomed a little bit to the new situation. Especially when you take them to the kindergarten, when they are somewhat older, you have to act calmly; It is not appropriate to punish them for not wanting to go, nor reward them with gifts to get them want to do it.

We must educate them in the benefit of socialization and how well they are going to spend playing with their friends

Is your baby a calm baby or is he/she a rebel one? We'll be delighted if you share your experiencies with us!!

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