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That’s how Garabatus works

One of the things that distinguishes us as a brand is that all product development is done in Barcelona, specifically ​​in Mataró. We know, we are not the only ones, but for us it is important to stress this point because it is an entirely domestic product. Not only printing, of course, but also the manufacture of clothing, brand labels and packaging bags with which you will receive our product.


We start from the beggining and we’ll try do our best; initially we offer ten different designs and two types of garment: bodys from 6 to 18 months (also kimonos from 0 to 6 months) and shirts, 6 to 24 months. We have more designs in reserve, which will introduce gradually, and the idea of ​​expanding the catalog of clothing and accessories. Anything we can stamp our designs will be a priority for Garabatus, but if we find a product that fits our philosophy and we can not overcome, will be happy to distribute and certify thee arrive.


We work to offer you the attention you deserve, and we want to hear from you, your thoughts, your ideas, your opinions. You have different ways to send us your comments so do not hold back! We are here at your service.

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