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The Adventures of Glu Glu

By Garabatus

Glu Glu, the little fish that shines at night, was very loved among his friends in the river; he was always willing to play with others, and to swim under water looking for his food, always happy to be able to share it.

The river, which was called Conglot, was very long, since it was born in the Fresh Water Mountains until it joined the Sea of ​​Salt. Glu Glu liked to go all over the river, so that he could greet the other fish and have a good time. He was very appreciated by everyone and he always had a smile to give.

GluGlu with fish friends around

Often, when he reached the border with the Sea of ​​Salt, he felt a little scared, because everything was very dark, and not even the light that came out of its scales could give him an idea of ​​what was beyond.

Glu Glu was growing, and like all bright fish, when it gets older its destiny is the sea; he knew that the day when he would have to leave and cross the river was coming, and he was very scared. One day, in the cave where he lived with his mother, she told him: "Glu Glu, the day of your departure to the Sea of ​​Salt is approaching; I am a little sad but at the same time happy to see my bright son grow up; but I do not see you very excited ... is that you don’t want to reach the sea? "

"No mom, I'm really scared ... you can not see anything and my brightness does not serve me as light" replied Glu Glu, who every day that passed was more worried about his departure. His mother did not insist more to not make him nervous. But she thought that, before the departure, Glu Glu would like to meet another fish that lived, in a hidden place, very close to the Water Mountains. So the next day, Mom took Glu Glu up the river, through familiar places until, in a specific place, she turned and they went through a huge cave that was totally new for her son.

This cave was very dark, but they knew it was big because there was a tiny point of light on each of its four walls; the light was projected by guardian fishes that shone like GluGlu, but they were far away. Glu Glu shuddered and closed his eyes, and let himself be carried away.

After a long time swimming, they saw a very large door, and Mom said "we have arrived". There was a space between the door and the floor of the cave, and they passed through there. Inside they saw a bearded fish of a very white color. Mom said goodbye to Glu Glu with a kiss, and when he became aware of it, their cheeks filled with tears.

GluGlu says goodbye to his mother

Mondia, that was the name of the inhabitant of the cave, approached Glu Glu with a slow swim, and said: "Son, the destiny of every bright fish is the Sea of ​​Salt: don’t be afraid because you can not do anything to change it; there you will see unknown fishes, but if you are brave they will all love you". Glu Glu did not know what to say, he was nervous; that's why Mondia continued speaking and told heim: "go to the sea, and don’t let fear overcome you".

Glu Glu came out of the cave, still sad but hopeful: he had seen in Mondia someone to trust. He walked the way back to the exit of the cave, and while still a little nervous, but encouraged by the words of the bearded fish, he began to swim towards the Sea of ​​Salt, not knowing the wonderful adventures he would experience there.

And, sometimes, it is necessary for others to give you a little push so that you can see what you are really capable of.

(to be continued)

GluGlu entering the Sea of Salt