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Baby Cake and the Spider 

   by Garabatus

Baby Cake was a cupcake that lived in the forests of Palouw, very happy to be in the middle of nature; she spent spring surrounded by poppies, and when summer came, she liked to stretch out on the grass, in the shade of the trees, and to bathe in the sun for a little while.

But here it was when the cold winter came, Baby Cake got a cold because she had nothing  to cover her head. To heal herself, she had to find the only tree whose leaves fell with the cold, and that tree was very far from her house; so without losing more time, she went to find those leaves that would serve as a hat during bad weather.

Baby cake is sad and cold in the forest

Since she had searched the tree before, she remembered where it was, and it did not take her long to find it. There were millions of greenish-brown leaves on the ground, and she could easily choose the four she needed to make a hat for the winter.

But here came another problem; she had nothing which to paste the leaves with, so that they covered all her head. Very sad, she was crying under the tree with the fallen leaves until she went into a deep sleep. She slept all night, and when she awoke, she saw a shadow above her that was not from the branches of the tree, but darker. Immediately she realized; she had a spider suspended above, and she was very afraid, so much, that she could not even scream.

Baby Cake did not like spiders; all she had known were sullen and dirty, and nothing good could be expected from them. So from fear she went to annoyance. But the spider, without bothering, asked:

"Have you been cold tonight?"

and Baby Cake replied:

"If it had been cold, I would have woken up shivering, and I have slept all the time".

Her response was not friendly, but that did not make the spider lose his good humor; She was a large spider,  and said:

"I have been watching you since you arrived, and you have not taken anything to fall asleep; and as you seemed very sad, I wanted to keep you company; that's why I hung on the tree just above you and I stopped the cold so you could sleep happy. "

The spider giving shade to Bake Cake while sleeping

Baby Cake did not quite trust the spider, but the truth is that she felt very comfortable because it was true that it was not cold. Then, the animal saw the four leaves on the head of the cupcake, which separated, not being held, when she lied one of the legs to stretch, and went flying. Baby Cake started crying very loudly and shouting:

"Look what you’ve done! Now I'm going to catch a good cold!"

The spider, still smiling, stretched the leg even more, and it began to shine.

Baby Cake was paralyzed by fear; but the spider explained what was happening:

"Don’t worry, I'm not going to hurt you; collect the four leaves that have come flying, or another four, the ones you like the most ".

The cupcake obeyed, because she thought it was the best. When she returned with the leaves next to the spider, she told her:

"Don’t be afraid to see my leg shine; thanks to this brightness I can hang myself from the trees, make a parapet so you don’t have cold, and it also helps me to feed myself; because I do not eat muffins, you are too sweet for me! This light that comes out of my leg is silk, and I'll lend you a little so you can paste the leaves and make a real hat, and so don’t go cold this winter. Swipe a finger over it, is it sticky? Well with this silk you will have a very cool hat! "

And Baby Cake, who at first was not convinced at all, did what the spider told her and saw that with the silk her hat would be fastened, that winter she would not catch cold, and most importantly, that she had won a friend she could visit every year when the cold started. And he also learned that not all spiders are the same, and that before deciding that someone does not like you, you have to know him/her.

Baby Cake is happy with its hat made of leaves