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How to choose the right size?

In the main menu at the top ("Find your size") you can consult the sizes. Due to the manufacturing process and the fabrics, the measurements can vary approximately 1 centimeter up / down. Many times the sizes are just a reference, that's why we put the centimeters so you can decide what cloth is best for the baby. Look at the pictures to see where they are taken from.

How do I find Garabatus clothes on the web?

The most direct access is to click on "Garabatus Fashion" to the left of the main menu. After a brief introduction, you will see all the designs and the different clothes that we have available. If instead of clicking, you let the menu unfold, you will see two secondary entries. In "T-shirts and Bodies", if you also deploy it, you will see the direct entries to our main products, these are: kimonos, bodies and T-shirts. In "More Garabatus" you can see the rest of the products that we have for sale at a certain moment.

I'm going to wash Garabatus clothes, do I have to follow a special ritual?

Neither more nor less than continue doing what has always been done! However, check out our section on the left side menu "We advise", here is the link Not only we give a review of how to wash Garabatus’ babies clothes, but we tell you how to dry it and iron it, and we also give you some very useful tricks!

Is my purchase safe?

Totally; Both your personal data and your card are protected. Payments with card are protected through SSL certificate. It is your bank that gives confirmation to the transaction, and at no time we have access to the data of your card.

Do I have to register on the web to buy?

Of course not, it is not mandatory; We want to facilitate your purchase, so we will not force you to anything. However, especially if you intend to buy again later, by registering the first time you’ll complete the following transactions faster, not having to re-enter your data (which you can always modify when necessary).

How do I make a bank transfer?

If you choose this method of payment, upon receiving the confirmation of the order, the account number to make the transfer will be indicated. We remind you that in this method it is imperative to have received confirmation of payment before sending, which can lead to delays. When making the transfer you must indicate, along with your name and surnames, the order number.

How do I know that I have successfully placed an order?

By providing your email, you will automatically receive an order confirmation. Also, on the same website we will thank you! Along with your order number. So you'll know twice. In case you did not receive any of the confirmations, contact us at pedidos@babygarabatus.com and we will immediately confirm that everything is ok!

How do discount coupons work?

Very easy! If we have given you a discount code or if there is a special promotion for all users, you must apply it once you have selected all the products you want to buy. Go to the shopping cart, you will have a box to: a) enter your personalized code b) enter the code that we will provide on social networks or in the same website, which will already be included in the cart page; in this second case, you just have to click on the code (or make a copy / paste), and it will automatically be placed inside the box; press "OK" right next to it and you'll have your discount applied!

I want to know when you have promotions ... is there any way to know?

There are many ways! Just below the sliders, the head of our Garabatus doll welcomes you and the baby winking at you (in a banner on the left). If there is a discount, etc. he will leave you a message! Another option is to go to the same footer menu that has led you to the frequently asked questions :), the one called "Information", and click on "Promotions", where you will see what we offer you in a timely manner, and what prizes are invariable! For more information, we leave the direct link to promotions

What should I do to know the shipping costs before buying ?

Very easy; you will not make any payment until you have filled the shopping cart with your purchase and confirm that you already have everything. At that time, you will be shown the shipping costs, so before you make the payment, you will know the total cost of the transaction. If you want to know the cost of the shipment before doing the whole process, you can consult our “Terms of Purchase” in the menu at the footer. Once you click, you should go to point 2, “Shipping, delivery and delivery times”

Can I cancel or modify an order?

Of course you can. If you have left something to include in the shopping cart, or you think you have filled it too much, or simply change your mind and do not want to buy anything, send us an email to pedidos@babygarabatus.com indicating the order number and your name, and explaining what change you want to make. You must send this email before 5:00 pm on the same day if it is a working one, or the next business day if you make the purchase on a holiday. If you follow this procedure, there will be no problem and we will refund the money, or the proportional part. And if you've included additional products, we'll wait for you to make the full payment before shipping so you do not have to carry any additional costs. In any case, we will contact you to give you any indication. In case of not receiving the request for cancellation within the timeframe, we can not guarantee the cancellation will be effective, with which the shipment will be made and we will not be able to refund the money.

If no one is at home at the delivery time, what should I do?

Once we ship your order, you have two delivery attempts. As long as they can access your mailbox, they will leave you a note of passage. In addition, at the post office they keep the package for 15 days so you can look for it there. Another option is to indicate that you want to go to pick it directly to the Post Office and not receive it in any address. In addition, you will have a tracking number of the shipment, so you can also contact your local offices to facilitate delivery or collection in offices, if the delivery attempts have already been consumed.

I have a question, how do I resolve it?

Very easy; send us an email to info@babygarabatus.com and give us the information we need to help you: order number if you have made one, etc., along with your query. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

To which countries do you send

To all the territories that are part of Europe.