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Follow these tips for better conservation of clothes:

Garabatus' composition label

  • For washing:

    - Turn them over before washing them; Iet the printed design be inside. In this way, in addition to protecting the stamping, you will get the fabrics have less friction and last longer.

    - You should wash the clothes with cold water, which is not more than 30 degrees, so you will avoid shrinking.

    - Do not use bleach or fabric softener, since they can cause allergic reactions to the baby; In addition, the bleach leaves bad odor; The ideal is to use a soap that is specific for delicate clothes, and does not contain acids.

    - Something that seems obvious but it is very important: separate the white and light tones clothes and the color. Also, do not mix the household clothes or other family members' clothes with the baby's clothes, at least until the baby has reached the age of 6-7 months (due to the fabric softener).

  • For drying:

    - Do not use the dryer to prevent clothes from shrinking.

    - Always hang out the washing in the shade, the sun can damage the tissues.

  • For ironing:

    - Make sure the iron is clean before you start; With this object, wipe with a damp cloth over its surface to eliminate possible dirt.

    - To protect the stamping, and as in the washing process, turn it so that the stamping of the cloth be inside. It is also advisable not to iron directly on the clothes. You can put a cloth on it, which obviously must also be clean.

    - Avoid steam irons!

    Check the composition label when in doubt or for additional information.

  • And a few little tricks to finish:

    - Wash your baby's clothes as soon as possible; It does not have to be immediately, but if you let spend a couple of days, you take the risk that stains and bad odors will not disappear. Before putting it in the washing machine, it is best to soak in warm water with a little soap, and rub a little. After a few minutes more soaking, you can put it in the washing machine.

    - As you like your baby's clothes smell good and clean, but it is not advisable to use fabric softener, you can put some ginger inside a fine sock or other similar cloth. You will see that the results are amazing!

    - Then there are other more specific tricks, such as:

    - Soak the bodies a little bit in vinegar, before normal washing. With this, the sticky spots disappear more easily.

    - If you want the odor of vomit to disappear (sure!), dilute a little Bicarbonate in water, and rub directly onto the stain.

    - To keep the clothes well white, put a few pieces of lemon into little bags

    If you know other tricks, send them via email or form so we can share them. Thank you!