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Enjoy the old games

We collect for your child desktop games we liked the most. Well, there aren’t all! But some of the funniest, adapted to the world of Garabatus. With these games you will have a tool to interact with your children and will have a great time!



From Russia with love ... and complications! The famous game born in the USSR in the mid 80’s is a symbol of our youth. Hours and hours trying to place the blocks in the most efficient way possible! Even it’s tune was amusing ... only for a while! Here we propose you adapted to Garabatus universe for you to show your skills (and in silence!).

Header image for Tetris game

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Brick Revolution

We continue with the blocks, but now is not about putting them but to make them disappear! To do this you rely on the best equipped ship: the Garabatus FX! In addition, you have the classic bonus of slowing the ball, lengthening the base of the spaceship or play with multiball. You will have to be attentive to hunt the bonuses without losing sight of the ball!

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Bubble Buster

Another classic with which we could spend hours and hours of fun: grouping the bubbles of colors and make them explode was a great source of satisfaction! Here we bring you Bubble Buster, with up to 15 levels of difficulty. Help the character to pass them all ... and sharpen your aim!

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The Hangman

We used to play this game with pencil and paper! You had to trust that the one who thought the word would not cheat! In our version, with words especially chosen for the occasion, you will have up to 5 possibilities to fail in the chosen letter. By the sixth you will have lost! Ideal for kids to learn vocabulary.

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Note: these games have been extracted from legal Internet pages that allow the publication of the same on other websites, as well as the modification of their code in some of them. In the case of Bubble Buster and Brick Revolution, and being external links, they could contain advertising of the original page, of which Garabatus is not responsible.