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  Here you have a summary of our stay in different fairs and festivals and the experience

Petits Camaleons (Sant Cugat del Vallès: September the 30 2017)

This is a festival of music and other artistic disciplines, of a familiar character but especially dedicated to the young ones, from babies to twelve years old. It has been celebrated since 2012, and has a wide selection of famous Catalan groups, either already dedicated to music for children, or adapting their repertoire for their age.

The groups make two practically consecutive passes of about 30 minutes, with two clear objectives: 1) making simultaneous concerts and overlapping, this way you can see all bands 2) children, especially little babies, they do not hold concentrated for long, and they need to change activity soon (or concert in this case) to enjoy the experience more.

Petits Camaleons Festival image

People during the first moments of the festival

Tickets can be purchased for the entire weekend or per day, and depending on the price paid, you can access all the concerts or only some of the bands; but the prices are cheap.

In addition to the music, there are giant circus tents, different workshops focused on childhood, and of course, a selection of "food trucks" for the most varied palates. The concerts, on the other hand, are performed in different tents and in the Auditorium Theater of the locality.

There is also a wide selection of commercial stands, located in the square where the Theatre is located, on two different levels. Although it rained in the afternoon, we enjoyed during the morning of many sunny hours and a high temperature.

It is a good place to take babies to spend the day, or the weekend, as they come in contact with other children, and especially those who already walk, they have plenty of space to run and play

Petits Camaleons image festival 2

People is visiting the commercial stands between concerts

Fira de les 40 Hores (Ripoll: March the 31st - April the 1st/2nd 2017)

The “Fira de les 40 Hores de Ripoll” (40 Hours Fair) has been celebrated for more than 300 years, but its exact origin is unknown. It is known that it was celebrated in the parish of Ripoll and therefore had a markedly religious character, and it was also common for many couples to marry during this festival, and singles sought to mate.

Over time it has kept its name, but it has become a rather familiar party, welcoming the spring. But it continues being celebrated the Sunday of Passion and the two previous days. Now it is a fair of samples where stands of all type can be found, mainly linked to the city but open also for the non residents.


For example, the area typical food stands, with special emphasis on cheese, sausages and ratafia, the region's traditional liquor. At the same time, visitors can enjoy cars on display, an antiques and collectibles fair, and fairground attractions for children, among others


It is an ideal fair to take the children to! By the multitude of activities thatthey can do. And in addition, Ripoll is a beautiful municipality where people are very welcoming, so you know!

Petitalia (Fira de Lleida) March the 25th/26th 2017

This has been our first fair. It is not just about the world of the baby, but covers up to 14 years of age. It is ideal to take the children to spend the day, as they will be able to carry out activities (sports, music, etc.) and learning, as well as receiving lots of gifts (candy, balloons, among others). It is a sample’s show more than a trade fair, but still, you can establish interesting contacts. And for those who have a business or activity related to the world of children, it is quite economical. However, since it is not a trade fair, visitors are not, in most cases, intending to buy, so efforts should be focused on making yourselves known.

Image of the commercial stand at Petitalia Fair

It also coincides with two other fairs (Mascota'm and STM, about pets and mountain sports), which makes it a very familiar event, with the pavilions connected. You can use the daily ticket for all of them, very economical as well.

Perhaps it was not the fair we expected, as the levels of interrelation with the public are not very high. But it has its value as a first experience. The key is to be seen!