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Baby experiencies

Welcome to the place where parents are the main character! Here we'll talk about your experiencies with babies and how your life has changed since then. In addition, if you have some related project or you contribute with a cause, we'll also give it voice.


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Beibis: or how to give a new use to baby's clothes that will no longer be used by your baby

Beibis is a project initiated in 2018 by Cristina and Ignasi, although gestated some years ago. It is an online meeting point for moms and dads who have seen their babies grow and leave behind, among other things, the clothes they have been using. But it is much more than that; We talk to Cristina to explain it to us.

Beibis brand logo

"This initiative arises from the need to give out all that (clothing, accessories, toys) no longer has room at home, so that other families can take advantage of it at a more than reasonable price." And also, not only with regard to the baby, but also with small children who have already fulfilled their first stage of life. "You can also find maternity dresses, and we do not limit ourselves only to clothes or accessories used, there are also "second hand" items that simply have never been used.”

second hand baby sitters

The website has a very simple operation that allows to streamline any procedure: "Whether you want to find a product that is useful to you, or sell what you no longer need, you have to register in Beibis community; if you sell, it's about hanging the garments, etc. that you no longer use, and if you buy, it's as easy as navigating through the different categories (accessories, mom, boy, girl, etc.), or using the search engine if you have a specific idea of ​​what you're looking for. "

Who gave the impulse?

The idea didn’t come from the void, but had an important catalyst; Cristina and Ignasi are parents of Abril, a small "earthquake" that opened the way for them. " We hadn’t considered it before, but we saw that we had a lot of clothes that Abril would never use, because as she grew so fast, she would not have time. In addition to the fact that, for the same reason, many of the shirts, pants, etc. that she had used, have had minimal use. Even before she was born, we realized that the amount of clothes we had for her was too much, between gifts and purchases. That led us to think about how many parents would find themselves in the same situation with their children. And that's how it all started! " Expenses for clothing and other items can be very high, if they also have limited use. Hence the idea of ​​putting fathers and mothers in contact, in a purchase / sale platform and in a safe and economical way

baby in a little pool in the yard

But it was not as simple as it may seem, because the two projects, Abril and Beibis, arrived in time in an indissoluble way. "Being a parent has completely changed our lives, anyone in the same situation will undoubtedly understand. And in my case, being a mother and also an entrepreneur is not the best combination if what you want is to lead a relaxed life, within the possibilities. But the effort has been worth it, without a doubt, and now we have to keep advancing little by little, seeing our daughter grow, the first thing, and consolidating Beibis as a platform ". She is aware of the challenges of motherhood, but at the same time of how exciting it is. "It's something unique and wonderful that is worth living."

family photo in the woods

Beibis covers the Spanish market, where it still has a lot of growth potential. "In addition, we not only address individuals, there is also space for childcare stores, where they can output some of their products and thus, do not have to think about creating their own website, with all the costs involved. "

Beibis is a marketplace but made with all the love of the world, and dedicated specifically to baby and childhood.