We’d like to know what do you think about our designs (the ones you can already find in the store and those that are coming). Participate in the most visual survey and you can get by draw a t-shirt or body of the new design that you have chosen, whether it is the most voted or not, totally free. Your baby will be the first to have it!

Take a look and send us your favorite here. You can choose up to three designs, remember to order them by preference!

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6-4 design

Feel music

Feel the Music design

In my cloud

In My Cloud design


Baby Island design

Rey cerdito

Rey Cerdito design


Rum Rum design


Ugly Pet design

Young free

Young and Free design

I'm a dreamer

no sleeve t-shirt with I am a Dreamer design

Funk You!

no sleeve t-shirt with the Funk You design